Every country should have a free health service, even if this means that the latest medical treatments may not be available through the service because they are too expensive. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Health is a key part of human lives. Health service system of the country can play a vital role for the population of the country and economical growth as well. It is often argued that health service of the country should be run without taking a money. In my opinion, health service system of the country should have minimal charges rather than 0 fee. I will discuss my thoughts in ensuring paragraphs. First of all, I believe that free service means misuse of the health service. People can visit doctors very often if they are not in need of doctors consultation, this way people can keep away doctors from their actual duties such as emergencies. Due to the free health service, hospitals are always been busy with the patients and long waiting hours when someone is really in need of doctor. It will become time consuming and panicking for serious patients. For instance, In a general hospitals of the Canada, anytime there will be a minimum waiting time of 4-5 hours due to cost free health service. Thus, time and slots can be available when there is some charges for consultation of doctor by visiting hospitals. Secondly, as I have seen the countries with the free health service has many drug addicts rather than countries are charging for services. People even do not care about their selves and involving into such bad habits because they do not have to worry about money if they will be ill. The measure drawback of the free health service is lack of latest technology in the health science. For example, some countries have lack of ventilators in COVID-19 pandemic situation as they are providing free health services and government funding is not enough to buy more than a limit. To put it in a nutshell, I must say health service of the any country should not be an expensive but there should be a minimal charge. So, people can understand use of service and government can afford expensive surgical instruments and latest medical equipment.
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