In the future, more people will choose to go on holiday in their own country and not travel abroad on holiday. Do you agree or disagree?

Travelling and exploring places has always been a desire of humans. It is believed by a certain section of society that in the coming year's people will tend to choose their home country over international destinations. This essay completely disagrees with the notion and will provide numerous reasons which will be discussed further in this essay. To begin with, firstly the rich people do not mind spending money on a foreign location. In other words, most of the tourists prefer to choose vacation spots which are far away from their nation. For example, people living in the plains want to visit the mountains and beaches, and those from colder countries prefer to go to warmer regions and vice-versa. Also, it is proved by a survey conducted by the tourist industry found that people are keen to visit other nations to experience moderate climate. Secondly,many people travel to explore and discover the cultural heritage of other countries. To add on, people travel to gain awareness of new customs, cultures, cuisines , meeting locals and places. By this, not only it broadens their horizons but also teaches them various aspects of specific places. Moreover, these locals get enhanced by holidaymakers visiting in as by this means locals can earn some additional income. For example, places like Bali, Indonesia are the most visited countries from tourists all over the world and due to this source of revenue of these regions is the tourist industry. To sum up, I believe that there will be more travelling to overseas rather than their country as people get learn more things like culture, customs about other nations and also get rid of the extreme weather and choose the warm regions to enjoy their time-off.
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