Some people think money is the best gift to give to teenagers, others disagree to this. Discuss both views and give your opinion

A few centuries ago, people traded their leftover items for something that they need but nowaday we had been using money as a medium of exchange. Many people believe that money is the best gift for their kids while others do not think like that. From my point of view parent always provide the best things to their child so the most important is their happiness. In the following paragraphs, both of these viewpoints will be discussed in the detail. To begin with, it is common that money is always useful in many ways. First, money is a good option when people do not know what to buy . For instance every Chinese new year, Chinese people give their youngster a red envelope so they can spend the money to buy what they really want. Second, Parent can monitor how their kid expenses their money. to illustrate, elder able to teach their juvenile how to manage their money furthermore they can prioritize their needs. On the other hand, money may cause some side effects that people may look over. for example, some accidents might happen when teenagers take some money and go out shopping on their own. In Thailand that was research about child behaviour from rich families whom their parent provides them with a load of cash. The child can not manage their financial and always end up ask support from the parent. In conclusion, I think that money, items or feel is the best gift to give to teenagers. Those have their own advantages which parent could use to bring up their kids.
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