Many students take part-time jobs while studying at university. Is this a bad or good idea?

Nowadays, part-time jobs are popular all around the world. By investing some time in these works make a student well trained for his future endeavours. I agree that taking up a temporary job while studying could benefit him both economically and also in his career. To commence with, to get a thorough knowledge of the subject learned at the university, one should have practical experience with it. When one chooses a part-time job based on the field there are been educated, this could help the learner a lot. For instance, in technical fields, the theory learned cannot be directly used in real-world applications. Hence a practical knowledge is very much necessary. Moreover, taking up these works can help the student to get the basics of multi-tasking before they jump into their careers. It is well and good if they are able to make pocket money using their skills by taking up a piece of work. Additionally, if the educational institution itself provides any temporary opportunity, this could help the current graduates to a great extent. For example, in some institutions, students studying in the Fourth-year of a B tech degree are allowed to teach the First-year students as part-time and are also paid. As a result, this helped them revise their fundamentals before attending their placements. Last but not least they will also get to know the corporate environment and may get enough contacts in their fields. To sum up, taking short-term works while studying at the University could really help the students to a large extent and this would always be a good idea. Especially, searching for a job related to their study will enhance their skills.
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