Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal.some people,however,think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

While many citizens believe that financial development should be the major target of a state, others opine that there are many other aspects which are also valuable. In my opinion, the aim of a state should be to develop its economy and all other sectors for the ultimate welfare. On the one hand, financial progress ensures better living. Because, if a country posses a higher rate of GDP, residents of that land get the eligibility of expending money to avail amenities that are required to have standard living. For example, the United States is in the top for being rich in terms of finance, and people of that country enjoy the best education, accommodation, amusement and medical services. Therefore, focusing on economic progress by the government will promote comfortable survival. However, keeping eye on other sectors is necessary to bring satisfaction among the inhabitants. Residents of a nation still can be unhappy and go astray with lack of proper education and advance medical services, irrespective of being wealthy. Hence, without being educated, it is not possible to hold the resources a land already have for long because inhabitants will not have such competencies to manage these. Likewise, people suffer most by illness if a nation has poor health facilities; it could let them to frustration. For instance, many ancient regimes have destroyed with the passage of time because of not giving attention to the important factors despite being resourceful. In conclusion, although the improvement of the economy will allow a state's people to consume a comfortable survival, emphasizing on other aspects are also significant to grip the existing prosperity and bring happiness.
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