Some scientists think that there are intelligent life forms on other planets and messages should be sent to contact them while other scientists think that is a bad idea and it would be dangerous. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Mankind has been actively seeking out foreign life by transmitting preemptive signals to the vast universe for decades. While the presence of extraterrestrial beings has not been confirmed, it is over wise, it is dangerous The straightforward purpose of seeking aliens replies is to confirm their existence. Such a curiosity has long been the ALIEN centre of astronomical controversies bewildering not only astronomers but also the general public It the radio waves or other forms of responses are captured or received, it will be an epic scientific breakthrough, which might bear the answers for numerous mysterious events in the past. More importantly, the successful establishment of contacts with another intelligence might have various beneficial implications for human society. For one thing, what can be learned and borrowed from an advanced alien civilisation may cast light on human's search for effective solutions to diverse current or imminent problems on earth, such as the rapidly depleting natural resources and the deteriorating eco-system. For another, the proof of the existence of another he forms whose physiological structures and needs are similar to human beings could be the driving force to back the space expeditions aiming at finding habitable living environments on other planets to address the problem of overpopulation on earth. However, despite the lures mentioned this could be a fatal threat to Earth. When Christopher Columbus arrived in America, that never turned out well for the natives. In fact, as long as two civilizations have encountered each other, the superior one is highly likely to colonize the lesser developed one via warfare or cultural assimilation, and once natural resources are involved, physical conflicts become unavoidable. In this scenario being discussed, the humankind is probably the natives In conclusion, I tend to favour the position that scientists should contact other planets. Not only is this advisable in terms of acquiring new knowledge, but also the economy will benefit from exchanging products and services.
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