It is better for children if the whole family including aunts, uncles and grandparents are involved in a child’s upbringing, rather than just their parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The rising trend of nuclear families and its effect on today’s children has led to the question whether children should be raised in joint families inclusive of immediate family contributing to bringing up offspring. I completely agree with the idea of involving uncles, aunts, and grandparents in the overall development of a child. Further,this essay will depict the reasons for my consent. Undoubtedly, with the presence of grandparents and other family members,it gets easier for the working parents to maintain a work-life balance. Usually, parents are forced to leave their kids with maids or at creche but in a joint family this is not the case and they are handled by their relatives. In the extended family’s father and mother do not face hardships in inculcating moral values in their children, this responsibility is shared among the entire family. For example, when parents are at work, grandparents feed them, and uncle aunt helps them with the schoolwork. Furthermore, having a supportive joint family helps females to continue with their career after childbirth without being worried about his/her upbringing. There is another perspective which is worth noting, staying together with a bunch of family members inculcates a sense of responsibility towards each other in younger ones. With the growing age,children often become irresponsible and ignorant towards their lives and it gets difficult to supervise them in a nuclear family as they are not observed 24*7 and they are frequent at committing mistakes. By involving immediate members in nurturing, the probability of them behaving badly and recklessly is reduced. To conclude, in a joint family a child is reared by several people thus dividing work, responsibilities and saving time. The child also learns quantities of understanding, adjusting and selflessness. For working parents, it is a blessing to have reliable, trustworthy caretakers for their child. Therefore, it is better to raise a child in a joint family.
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