Many elderly people are no longer looked after by their families but are put in care homes. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

Grey-haired society plays a vital role in the development of nations. There has been a drastic increase in the number of families who send their elderly members to the old-age centres for the rest of their life. There are both merits and demerits to this trend which I will discuss in upcoming paragraphs. On the one hand, care homes provide old age people with a number of benefits. The most telling one lies in the fact that elderly individuals can reduce their stress level more easily than home. Not only, do they spend their leisure time with their age mates and share each other's views, but they also feel more comfortable to talk with each other as they are from the same generation and have same thinking perspective. For example, young members of the do not like to spend their free time with their grandparents due to differences in the level of thinking, therefore they find it convenient to talk with their age mates at such centres. Besides, better take care of health and hygiene at old age homes is also one of the major advantages for the grey-haired community of the society, as in this fast-paced era other members of the family remain busy in their hectic life so they do not get time to look after their elders and fulfil their needs accordingly. Such as, old members of a family depend mostly on their children as they lack physical fitness to do certain tasks of their daily routine. Conversely, however, these old-age organisations provide older people with several drawbacks. The primary one stems from the fact that the individuals who live there feel a lack of love and affection in their life. Lack of emotional support might play a key role in the increasing cases of mental illness among old individuals as they are sent away to such organisations by their own family. For instance, a recent analysis of reports of mental illness has provided the statement that people living in such places suffer from such problem than elderly people who live with their loved ones. In addition, by sending elderly members to old age homes, children could disconnect from their own heritage and history as grandparents a pivotal role to inculcate such values and knowledge in their grandchildren. As an example, children who live far away from their grandparents lack information about their history and culture. To summarize, care homes developed by certain organisations have many advantages like providing more responsibility and comfort than home but is not without its concerns as it creates distances between members of a family. Therefore, it’s one's own decision to decide whether to live there or not.
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