The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nobody would dispute the fact that finding new resources of non-conventional energy and its enhancement is required more than ever and must be considered as foremost goal of nations around the world. I hold the view that it should be promoted, however many people disagree with this opinion. This essay will discuss both sides and give reasons for my opinion. Firstly, research suggests that burning conventional fuels affect the environment by releasing greenhouse gases and increasing carbon footprints on balance. For instance, a plethora of studies confirm the fact that the zone layer, which protects lives on earth from ultra-violet rays of the sun, is on the verge of diminishing. Secondly, it is detrimental to people health and can cause long term disease. Toxic elements and ash remains of burning fossils are consequently inhaled by humans while being at places such as traffic, industries, etc. To illustrate, the Times reported that, in general, people who live in cities having AQI index of more than 60 shall face a lessening of 5 years in their life expectancy. However, there are those who argue that reducing population should rather be a top priority, globally. First of all, the initial research work demands a lot of efforts in terms of money and time. Further, success is also not sure, hence the rather looking for alternatives we may tackle the current issue of population, which is contributing mainly to the situation. There can be no doubt that the reduction in population will reduce the amount of carbon suspended in the air. This is because it is likely to lower down the demand for non-renewable fuel. For example, it is conjecture that a 0% reduction in humans on earth shall lower the carbon emissions by 50% to the current levels, hence a cascading effect. To conclude, although there are some reasonable arguments against developing alternative option of energy in the first hand, there can be no doubt that renewable led energy shall certainly reduce pollution.
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