Some people believe that advertising has a strong effect on a person’s decision-making process. Others feel that it has little or no real impact. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Adverts have become a major source for companies to publicise their commodities. That advertisements have been playing a key role in deciding to buy a certain product for the people is a subject which provokes great enthusiasm as well as stark opposition, and at the times both become somewhat blurred. There are strong arguments on both sides of the debate which I will discuss in upcoming paragraphs along with my opinion. On the one hand, those who consider adverts to have a great impact on the individual's decision to buy something say that it is because of the famous Bollywood stars signed by the marketing companies to achieve more success in their sales. Not only, do they appoint attractive models to influence the customers, but tell them to share their amazing experience of using their products which also play a key role in helping people to take decisions. For example, advertisement related to a fairness cream advertised by a fair skin toned actress influence a number of dark complexion girls to buy that cosmetic cream. Besides, adverts also help the people to make a better choice among the large number of options that one have to buy a single commodity, thanks to the diversity of brands we are provided with. As an instance, one wishes to buy a watch can go through a number of adverts published by different companies which can help him to buy a watch with the desired features of his choice. Conversely, however, people who think that such advertisements have no impact on decision making process point to an individual's awareness towards certain things they buy. People have become more aware of the quality of many products which might play a key role in failing to help people to buy products through various adverts. For instance, people before buying something believe to check the quality by themselves than relying on attractive advertisements. In addition, people these days do not even bother to watch adverts as they prefer to skip these whenever they get the chance to avoid such advertisements. To exemplify, while watching Television, if one gets a break to watch adverts to the middle of a show individuals prefer to change than channel rather than watching the adverts. To summarize, it appears to me that the opinion of no impact of adverts on the decision of people to buy something favours stronger arguments. As it is one's own decision without getting attracted by advertisements and looking into the quality by himself before buying any product.
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