4. Some people prefer the lifestyle and activities offered when living in a cold environment. Others prefer a hot environment. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We have numerous activities and different lifestyle depending on the hot and cold weather. Some people prefer a hot climate for fun and living while others are inclined towards a cold climate. In this essay, I am going to discuss both and provide my opinion. We have a lot of outdoor adventures for the hot weather and that is why people who choose to explore the new activities and places enjoy it. For example, on a nice day,they can go to the nearby beach and enjoy beach volleyball, sunbath and surfing. Moreover, it is easy to adapt to the active lifestyle in warm weather where you can go on a walk daily, enjoy your gardening and play in the park with your friends and kids. Furthermore, we can play all sorts of play without the worry of getting sick. Last but not the least, brighter and longer days allow people more active lifestyle so people like the hot climate. On the other hade, cold weather allows people to have a comfy and cosy lifestyle. For example, everyone loves to cuddle in the hot blanket in cold days. Cold weather places such as Russia, Canada have snow most of the time and it is the best time to enjoy skiing. We also have the winter Olympic where there is a number of games which can be enjoyed in cold weather. In addition, some people like the cold climate because they like to spend more time in- house with friends and families instead of going out. In conclusion, we can enjoy both, hot and cold climate but I love the hot climate which allows me to more active and outgoing lifestyle.
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