Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

According to some specialists, if children start learning a totally new
by the primary
of secondary
they can do better in that. But disadvantages overcome the advantages for
particular topic, due to the reason that
to begin
learning a foreign terminology occupy children's most of the time period giving them least time to develop their logical thinking.The following essay illustrates the topic in detail.
To begin
with the disadvantages, the
and foremost drawback is that, children will have to struggle to develop their critical or intellectual thinking as they might get exhausted during the learning process of a foreign
that relates them least at childhood.
For example
, some schools offer to teach foreign languages
as Japanese or French from the primary institute.But if we consider a mental capacity of a kinder garden kid
to teach them a foreign terminology at
stage, seems beyond their learning capacity.Rather than
, if unfamiliar languages can be taught at secondary faculty
kids can concentrate well, understand the grammar and
search for resources on the internet or
library to grasp the wording as much as possible.
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The second

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disadvantage is that children might get confused with words of the new
and may not learn even the mother tongue
,no matter how important it may be to learn an overseas
but the importance of mother tongue
can not be neglected.
For instance
, most of the children are seem to struggle writing and reading their mother tongue
, now if schools introduce children to a new
, the chances of messing up both the languages rise.
On the other hand
, to talk about advantage is that, children may get familiar with an unfamiliar
at a very early age, which will help them in future.
, it may cost them with pressure or less or undeveloped critical thinking.
For example
, if a student at primary
focuses on learning french
he or she might get knowledge of french nearly as native,
, they will be failed to break through some complex mathematics or science puzzle due to undeveloped logic. To sum up, some people may hold the belief of children having an overseas
taught at primary
, but the disadvantages outweigh the benefits , for the reason that it leaves students with mugging up new words and least time to focus on the other areas.
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