In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main cause of crime? How can we deal with those causes?

Undeniably, in recent years the crime rate in several nations has seen a rapid inclination. While
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unemployment is the prime reason behind
phenomenon, governments can take some preventive measures to combat
pressing issue.
To begin
with, a number of countries have witnessed a high rate of unemployment.
encourage citizens, especially youths, to choose an evil path, and involved in criminal activities
as robberies, murders and all.
is to say that without a job or an earning resource, people commit crimes for a small amount of money to pay for their basic necessities
as rent and groceries. According to a survey conducted by a renowned newspaper the Guardian, In UK,
for example
, every year around 27% of people indulge themselves in criminal activities, and the core reason of their action is either job loss or shortage of money to survive.
, governments can handle
situation by taking some measures
as providing sufficient employment to the citizens.
will keep them busy as well as provide a source of earning. Apart from
, authorities can setup some help centres where, unemployed people can learn something new
for instance
a new technology or do some freelancing work, and in return, the government should support them with some unemployment wages. To quote an example, in western countries
as in Canada, the government support its human-beings and give them a fixed monthly allowance so that dwellers can survive and live peacefully. To conclude,
criminal activities in some counties are on peak due to insufficient job opportunities, authorities can save their countries by taking some effective actions and support their public.

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