Some people say international sports events help in world peace. Do you agree or disagree?

Sports have always been a platform to unite people irrespective of their caste and creed.
, some people believe that international sports events can serve as a stage for world peace.I agree with the given statement. In
essay, I would elaborate on the importance of these events along with relevant examples and
conclude it. To commence with, after the formation of the UNO, it is said that
of showing their rivalry on the battlefield , many countries are trying to knock-out each other in global sports.
transforming a war battle towards a more simple and peaceful sports gathering.
For example
, in the Olympic games, we can see an intense battle between the participants of America and China. In
way, these countries are showing their power.
, global gaming championships are
making the nations to come together on a single platform so that they can showcase their skills.
, these sports get-togethers are boosting the patriotism in the contestants. Events like commonwealth games are making the participants mingle with their contemporaries and
initiating friendships among them .
For instance
, IPL is proving that players are
willing to work together for the entertainment of the global audience.
As a result
, they are making the world believe that they are into the peace forming. To conclude, I totally agree that these international sports competitions are very much required to unite nations with different cultures to support worldly peace. I would
suggest that these leagues should be conducted regularly to remind the gaming spirit in all the people.
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