Some people think that it is a waste of time for high school students to study literature, such as novels and poems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some Schools teach
, especially to secondary level students. Many believe that
is unnecessary and more time should be utilised in studying academic subjects. I agree with
, I am not in favour to ignore the importance of
at all.
, studying novels and poems in high schools helps to transfer histories, cultural rituals and norms to the future generation. Our past history is saved in the form of
, which reminds students of their ancestors’ lifestyle, sacrifice and patriotism for independence.
is the reason that people have an affection towards their nations and refrain them from absorbing a new culture too.
, reading and writing skills improve with studying
. Most students are enthusiastic about poems and they often express their positive feelings in the form of poetry.
In other words
, we can say that
brings peace and Harmony in a society.
, science subjects in today’s competitive era are vital to study because it leads to the growth of the country’s economy and allows a significant advancement in the health domain. New technologies and discoveries require full dedication to information technology and physics subjects.
For example
, information technology fosters online business and is
a tool for products advertising on the international platform.
, the digital imaging of organs to diagnose diseases and flying aircraft to shorten a distance, are the gifts of science. That’s why,
of wasting time on
, practical subjects should be prioritised. To summarise, I would recommend that practice subjects are crucial for the country’s prosperity;
has its own importance and a weekly lecture for high school students is necessary.
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