Some people believe that reading stories from e book better than watching TV or playing computer games for children. To what extent do you agree or disagree

According to a few people, it is better to read stories from e-book than to play video games or spend time on television. I completely agree with it because reading will improve one's language and it is hazardous to a child's eyes when playing on a computer or TV for long hours. Reading storybook or any informational sources is always known for its benefit of improving languages and speaking a variety of tongues is treated as an asset in the corporate world.
, it provides knowledge to understand grammar, vocabulary and complex statements which are quite necessary to write any language. There are many electronic books
as Kindle, which help children by giving the meaning of an unknown word or by explaining unclear statements.
increasing knowledge is always better than wasting time on other kinds of entertainment.
, spending a long period in watching monitors will affect the fragile eyes of children and is much dangerous in long run.
, due to bright and effective colours used in
entertainment units, there is high stress on vision leading to many sight problems.
For example
, in countries likes the United States and India, almost 5 out of 10 kids wear glasses out of compulsion as their eyesight is badly disturbed through long screen time.
, choosing between knowledge gain and bad eyesight, everyone would opt for the obvious option, reading. In conclusion, many parents think and understand the importance of reading e-books than watching television or playing on a computer for their children.
having fun and being entertained is necessary, to choose reading is beneficial to children in enhancing their language skills rather than destructing their vision through continuous use of kinds of monitors.

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