Some people believe that sport has an important role in society. Others, however, feel that it is nothing more than a leisure activity for some people. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Athletics plays a significant aspect in the region. Some folks suppose it is only the time passing issue of an area. There are advantages and disadvantages for both of the arguments.
To begin
with, every person needs to keep fit their bodies.
As a result
, to remain themselves well people must take exercise. For
, they have to wake up early.
, they can practice to walk in the field, park etcetera. Sports is the type of gym which provides a lot of energy to the man. It
creates a good blood circulation in the human's brain so that they are able to continue their daily tasks in a proper way.
For example
, if a person plays football every day he can gain the stamina as well as a folk acquiring strength by walking in the road or ground every day.
On the contrary
, playing the game in the field elapses plenty of time.
is due to form a playing part needs period. As a consequence, a man cannot get enough time to accomplish their other work in the other tenses. After that, it is seen most of the people play games when they get bored in their works or feel very stress in their tasks. Some people think that
playing is nothing. It is just to keep their image so that their prestige would not hinder or create a bar to the society.
For example
, playing cricket as a test match in Germany had been forbidden because their government perused that it killed their times about four to five days which had no output. In conclusion, being well in physically and mentally physical play is the most essential part of life.
, playing excessively is not a good work because to improve one's state other tasks should be needed.
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