Marriages are bigger and more expensive nowadays than in the past. Why is this case ? Is it a positive or negative development ? (approximately 250 words)

It is more common for couples to pour a vast of money at weddings these days. This phenomenon stems from different causes and I think this trend is positive along with the development of society. On the one hand, two reasons can be highlighted. Firstly, new couples today are willing to spend more to ensure marriages perfect. The wedding is one of the most crucial moments of human life in which marks the beginning of living together with the loved one and the duty to fulfil commitments in a lifetime. People pay attention to all the minute details of the wedding such as the general design, food, and timetable which cost their value and make marriages expensive. Secondly, the wedding is a special occasion in which not only the spouses but also their families have the opportunity to see all their relatives, friends and business partners. Normally, it is very difficult to see and talk with all the relationships on the same day, so a magnificent wedding is a good way to express the respect of the bride and groom and their families to all their guesses. On the other hand, I think this trend offers several benefits. By focusing on the size of weddings, people at the same time learn and appreciate the value of this ceremony more. Everyone deserves to have the beautiful memories of the important milestones in their life and in addition to money, spouses have to make an effort in other aspects such as spending energy, observing all the details, thinking of ideas to enjoy the best on a sacred day with their loved one. Another advantage that the large wedding offers is to strengthen social relationships. A big event like this is a good chance for everyone to connect and the guesses can feel like they are a part of the spouse's family. In conclusion, the wedding ceremony is bigger today compared to the old style, its size depends on the financial capacity of each couple but the most important thing is that how the couple wants to share their happiness with others.
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