In some countries, the average weight of people is increasing and levels of health and fitness are decreasing. What are the main causes and what measures could be taken to solve these problems?

According to a few studies, obesity is one of the major problems in some nations around the world and the percentage of fit and healthy people is substantially lower. In my opinion, unhealthy food consumption is the main cause of
and by incorporating exercise along with nutritious food would help resolve
problem. The moderate weight of a citizen is spiking up because they are purchasing the readymade packaged meals and opting to have dinner late at night at a restaurant. What could be the benefits of having a meal which is oily, high in fat and with lesser nutrients?
, not only makes a person obese but
makes them prone to many heart diseases.
For instance
, as per a few doctors in the United States, 65% of the young population is overweight causing many medical emergencies.
, unhealthy consumption could lead to obesity followed by other chaotic problems.
On the other hand
, physical moment on a day-to-day basis along with a proper portion control would provide an active life to every individual suffering from obesity. When a person exercises, the necessary heat is generated to burn the calories which activate the body muscles and achieve toning.
For example
, a gym is
a place which provides all the necessary equipment to exercise and reach one's goals.
, keeping your body active and working out regularly is by far the best solutions to decrease body weight. To conclude, the level of good health is decreasing and the average mass of a human being is increasing proportionately due to the irregular eating habits loaded with harmful fats which could be resolved by including exercise in daily routine.
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