Online Education is becoming more and more popular. Some people claim that e-learning has so many benefits that it will replace face to face education soon. Others say that traditional education is irreplaceable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today's world technology is evolving at a rapid pace and is being utilized to aid our learning as well. While e-learning is being used more commonly today, some people argue that remote learning will be the only mode of education in the coming future and traditional learning will no longer be practised. As well, there are others, who feel face-to-face learning can never be replaced. Let us discuss both these views and why I feel that the traditional system is here to stay.
To begin
with, remote learning has been a prime usage for video conferencing tools and the internet. With these tools and the required infrastructure, geographical boundaries or physical distance are no more a hindrance to learning.
For instance
, currently due to the pandemic when all physical social interactions have to be avoided, e-learning is the only way where the students are studying all over the world. Implementation of online education has ensured that no student suffers when he/she physically cannot go to school.
, learning online has its own challenges, which are sometimes difficult to overcome.
, over the long term, students who are taught only online do not learn the complete skillset, which is only possible in a physical setting.
For example
, students in a school environment are in a complete ecosystem where they develop their social interaction skills and
teachers are able to have better control and get feedback through student body language, which may be lacking in remote learning.
, students, especially in developing countries, maybe lacking basic infrastructure
as the internet, a computer or even electricity to be able to connect remotely.
, traditional learning may be the only mode to overcome these challenges. In conclusion, even though e-learning took away the geographical barriers in learning, it is a long way till everybody is able to utilize these benefits. In my opinion, remote learning will not be able to completely replace face-to-face learning but will very well complement the traditional education system.
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