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Nowadays, there is an increase in trend of distance learning. Several people believe that this method has a total of positive impacts and it will alter conventional education while others say that argue that it is impossible to eliminate brick and mortal classroom. This essay will discuss both opinions.
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Although it is thought by some that digital education via the internet has gained enormous popularity and is going to replace conventional teaching in a classroom, others consider that there is no replacement of educating students by teachers in classes and schools. In my opinion, I consider that teachers are pivotal in the education system and computers can only facilitate teaching methods, but can't be a replacement of human interaction provided by teachers.
While it is often thought that e-learning is beneficial in this modern era as well as going to replace face-to-face learning method soon, others argue that traditional educational system is my opinion,i believe that e-learning will modify tradition of education on upcoming years.
While it is often thought that e-learning is beneficial in this modern era as well as going to replace face-to-face learning process soon, others argue that the traditional educational system is unchangeable.In my opinion, I believe that e-learning will modify tradition of learning progress on upcoming years.
Over the years, advances in technology have revolutionized human learning and teaching methods. While some individuals think that online courses have a total of positive impacts which will alter conventional education, others argue that it is impossible to eliminate traditional classroom. In my opinion, each approach has its own benefits; however, I support the later.
These days, e-learning is becoming increasingly sought-after and some people state that face-to-face studying should be shifted into online lectures, however the opposite argue that traditional method is the way better. In my opinion , both ways reap its own benefits , however , i support the latter.
These days, online learning has become more and more famous in the whole world. It provides several benefits to the online learners. In the meantime, some of the people argue that, traditional method of study is irreplaceable. This statement has both views and following this essay will explain my viewpoints in detail and reach to a conclusion.
In this modern world, the internet is playing a vital role in every department including education. Some people say that e-learning will replace face-to-face education while others argue that conventional education is not replaceable. I, personally, believe that both, e-learning and conventional education, are important and will be discussed further in the essay.
Due to the tremendous growth of e-learning, it has been said by many that its ever-thriving advantages lead to the replacement of offline training. While on the other hand, some contend that traditional learning value will never deteriorate. I shall discuss both these statements along with a rational conclusion.
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In today's world technology is evolving at a rapid pace and is being utilized to aid our learning as well. While e-learning is being used more commonly today, some people argue that remote learning will be the only mode of education in the coming future and traditional learning will no longer be practised. As well, there are others, who feel face-to-face learning can never be replaced. Let us discuss both these views and why I feel that the traditional system is here to stay.
In recent years, the tendency towards online learning has seen a long-term gradual increase. While some state that this is a positive movement, others argue that conventional methods of education should always exist. The following essay will examine both these statements, and I will also explain why I believe traditional learning is significant.
In the modern era, according to the development of the internet all over the world, distance learning is becoming popular and common day by day. Some individuals believe that virtual education has so many advantages and probably it will replace classical education soon; on the other hand, some others reckon that traditional learning has no replace. Obviously, there are something that pupils will not be able to experience and learn with online education; but this type of learning can be useful sometimes.
Nowadays, according to the development of the internet, virtual learning has become popular more and more; thus, some individuals reckon that this distance learning can be a suitable alternate for classical education. However, some others believe that traditional learning has no replacement. As an outstanding issue, there are some experiences in the education that any pupil have to face and virtual environment will not be able to provide them; nonetheless, online learning can have some advantages.
Thanks to the flourishing development of digital technology nowadays, students can study without a distance barrier. Some arguments illustrate that e-learning is beneficial for them and it might change face-to-face learning in the future. This essay aims to prove that also online learning is convenient, but it is not significant to replace traditional education.
Nowadays, online studying significantly increases and many people believe that this kind of way to study offers a lot of advantages. As the result, it will replace the ordinary version of learning. Nevertheless, another one thinks that traditional education can not be replaced. In my opinion, it is apparent that online learning is more popular today and many schools are starting to use it as the main method for education. Although, online education is useful and more convenient, there are some people who prefer to have a face-to-face class more than online. Both views and self-opinion will be discussed.
Education plays a vital role in the development of human beings. Nowadays, it is believed by few humans that online Education has many advantages and it will be soon replaced the traditional system. In this essay, I will be discussing the advantages of the traditional school and the disadvantages of e- school.
Studying online is becoming increasingly popular. Some people believe that online schooling is so beneficial that traditional classroom-based learning will be replaced while others do not. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and provide evidence as to why e-learning will substitute face to face education.
studying online is becoming increasingly popular. Each year more and more people believe that there are more benefint studying online rather than traditional education. in this essay i will discuss both sides of the argument in detail and provide evidence as to why traditional education is better
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Currently, with this rampant pandemic we are living in, our society had to adapt in order to continue life. Our education system changed to web classes as it is not safe to be in crowded rooms anymore. In this context some individuals are discussing whether this new system is definitive, whereas others argue that a teacher is necessary at all times.
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