Some people think that it is good for younger people to make their own decisions. Others feel that these decisions should be made with the help of their parents. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion

According to a few people, allowing teenagers to make their own decisions is upright. However, many others, hold an opinion that parents must help their children in making these calls. Personally, I believe, adult interference is required as they make a right call because of the added past experience, at the same time, these youngsters are extremely vulnerable to come to an efficient decision. Consequently, experience adds an immense insight into the human thought process which assists them to incorporate different possibilities in making the right choice. By parental support and help, they can analyse and derive the available options and with the knowledge received, they can excel in opting the right one. For instance, being an adult, they have seen and surpassed all the obstacles that their next generation is currently going through, which helps them understand the circumstance better. Therefore, parents must participate with their young one's, to take an appropriate path. On the other hand, due to the sudden growth in hormonal and physical changes, teenagers are overly vulnerable, especially in unpredictable situations. Rash and instant choices could be made, due to lack of exposure towards different scenarios of life. For example, in countries like the United States and India, the percentage of accidents in young people are hurt and arrested are particularly high, proving the vulnerability of their mental capabilities. Hence, authorizing these young one's to choose their path in such a fragile state of mind is not appreciable. To conclude, in my opinion, parents must take a step forward, interfere and help their kids in providing a proper perspective towards different possibilities of the chosen solution, through the knowledge gained from their past occurrences, as these youngsters are lacking a proper insight yet, and are extraordinarily unguarded without it.
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