More people have unhealthy diet and do not do enough exercises. What are reasons for this? How can we encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle?

Physical activities and diet are the most vital parts of sound health. Recently, It has been noticed that a significant majority of people lack in those areas and are more inclined towards eating junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle. There are several factors responsible for such harmful practice and also certain measures could be taken to cope with them. To begin with, the leading factor for this issue is the high pace of modern life. The individuals these days own a hectic work-life where they hardly manage to spare time for eating healthy or dedicate time to go to the gym. For instance, grabbing lunch or breakfast from a fast-food restaurant on the way to work has become a norm, which is consistently deteriorating our health standards. Moreover, getting home late after work coupled with overtime culture on weekends would have done serious damage as physical activities are totally discarded from the priority list. These aforementioned problems could be resolved if the government shows concern in the form of awareness campaigns and organizing sports events. For example, the administrative authorities could perform their part to educate the public via advertisements after prime-time or running educational campaigns within societies to spread awareness about the benefits of healthy eating and detrimental consequences of unhealthy food. Additionally, the communities services could be funded to organize sports matches to attract the youngsters to the grounds. As a result, individuals would be motivated towards healthier living. To conclude, it is certainly true that clean eating habits and performing physical activities at regular bases has lost its significance in our societies. This essay had explained the reasons for this along with possible remedies imperative to be done for better community health standards.
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