The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree

Undeniably, in recent years, an inclination towards online shopping has been witnessed across the globe. Owing to this, eventually our society has started declining the traditional shopping methods, and this practice encouraging the local shops to shut down. In my opinion, I believe that if this trend will continue like this, the majority of shopowners will be forced to shut their businesses. Firstly, convenience is considered as one of the most important factors behind this shift. Online shopping platforms offer a wide range of options to consumers and that too without visiting any shopping store physically. Any person can order any item just by clicking a button while sitting in the comfortable environment of the home. Additionally, these websites offer return and exchange facilities, which attracts potential buyers to a great extent. Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, for example, are some of the great shopping websites, and these have established a wide network in most of the countries. Thus, human beings are not interested in visiting the local shops, and due to fewer footfall shopkeepers are bounded to close their ventures. Secondly, cost-effectiveness offered by online sites is another prime reason in the difficult survival of the local businesses. Nowadays, a myriad of offers available throughout the year, and due to this the cost of a product is less as compared to the market's price. Consequently, this benefit is encouraging the public to decline the use of shops in their near areas. Moreover, different types of payment modes make the shopping hassle-free, and a number of banks are associated with these websites to offer additional discounts. To illustrate, shopping for clothes through physical stores is exorbitant most of the time as compared to virtual stores. Hence, these situations are forcing people to close their shops. To conclude, I assert that the popularity of online shopping networks will be responsible for shutting down the local shops in small towns and cities in near future.
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