With the development of modern society is the loss of traditional ways of life. Is it important to keep our traditional ways of life? How can this be achieved?

Tradition is strictly related to culture, history and beliefs. Nowadays, due to the progression of modernization, some people fear that the customs of our ancestors might die out. Not only are there some important reasons why we should preserve them, but also many arguments against it. To begin with, traditions are crucial for many families. They are part of their cultures and, in many cases, they play a significant role in shaping the identities of young people. For instance, the traditional dance of Aboriginal people is still extremely meaningful for them since it is a way of storytelling in their culture. Additionally, celebrating customs and holidays can be highly beneficial for people who want to connect with their ancestors. On the other hand, many people argue that most of the traditional ways can be old-fashioned, obsolete and unfitting in modern society. The world is changing every day, therefore some beliefs are outdated and tend to be harmful by making a gap between generations. To illustrate, some parents are likely to impose their beliefs on their children. Furthermore, in order to attain the benefits of our previous generations in positive ways, the government has to play a vital role. For example, some countries decide to include the fundamental teachings of the traditional lifestyle in the school curriculum. Moreover, the authorities can protect and renovate the old cultural buildings to inculcate the knowledge of traditional wealth among citizens. As individuals, people can simply celebrate holidays and customs with friends and family. To conclude, there are a few counter-arguments on whether or not we should keep the conventional aspects of our past. Nevertheless, as a part of our heritage, there is no denying the fact that preserving our ancestors’ behaviour is important. However, the best path would be to adjust our traditions to the modern world and there are numerous ways to do that.
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