Every country has poor people and every country has different ways of dealing with the poor. What are some of the reasons for world poverty? How can the poor be helped?

There are many individuals below the poverty line in all the countries of the world, each of them handling it in various methods. The substantial increase in the population is one major reason for this. However, by providing the necessary education and basic financial support from the government, would help them fight their battles. The population rate is growing day-by-day, especially in developing countries, increasing the indigent. Mediocre nation's authorities are financially incapable of supporting the needy due to the rising number, with minimalistic support; for example, free medical services, better transportation facilities. Furthermore, in countries such as: Canada, the population is extremely low, that the government's free services are available to each and everyone, hence, improving their standard of life. Nonetheless, an increase in literacy rate, helps society to understand the social needs and to empower in life. Chances of employment are extraordinarily high for the people, holding a degree which helps to earn both money and respect, satisfying family needs and enhancing living standards. Additionally, when the society is educated, birth control is one factor which is easily understandable and put into action by the literates, giving an opportunity to the governing body, to provide minimum help to the citizens. For instance, in a few provinces in India, like Kerala and Punjab, the number of educated is directly proportional to the employed; therefore, proving the possible solution to fight and overcome poverty. To conclude, there is a clear growth in the number of births, consequently enlarging the people in need in many countries throughout. Nevertheless, with the proper education system and training, society would work hard to earn money overcoming the indigent.
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