Do children behave better when they are physical punished or rewarded. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Shaping a child's behaviour is always a critical aspect. In the olden days, people used to feel that punishment is the only way to indulge good manners in kids. Whereas, nowadays people are changing and are understanding that even a small compensation of appreciation will
make them behave well. According to me, rewarding should be
introduced and punishment should only be given if the situation went out of control. In the current essay, I would discuss both views and give my opinion. On one hand, people used to feel that punishing the little-ones physically is the only way to induce proper manners in them for many reasons.
, when one feels physical pain it will be remembered for a long time.
would hesitate to do a bad thing.
For example
, in my experience, my mom has beaten me in front of others in my childhood at a party, as I have insulted her at that time. That incident was with me for many days and after that, I did not do it again.
sometimes, discipline is necessary for naughty kids.
On the other hand
, some kids are very polite and for them, an award for being good will raise their confidence so that they try to be even better
, a prize given in front of family members will make them feel proud too.
For instance
, if a kid helps his/her mother when guests arrive and if that mother gives him chocolate in return,
will serve two purposes. One is, it will make their bond even strong and the other is that kid will attempt to help her again. To conclude, punishment or reward can surely be used for shaping a young one's behaviour as a good seed makes a good crop. A reward should be the main preference and if and only if the child is very naughty and does not get encouraged by a reward
parents or elders should even punish him for his beautiful future.
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