There have been major advances in technology over recent decades and this had led to significant improvements in people's lives.

Over the past few decades technology has played a vital role in the people's lives which lead to a lot of contributions in their daily basis aspects such as communication,medicine,transportation ,but at the same time we cant neglected the automation drawbacks . The main benefit of modern technology is that people's lives are more convenient .This is because we are able to do many things without having to stay at the office or at home ,which is to help us to accommodate our lifestyle today.For example,the majority of the people now have a mobile phone or laptop computer,and wifi is available almost in every place. As a result , people are able to do their work,communicate with colleagues or friends,and check their emails anywhere they choose such as in coffee shops or while travelling on train or bus.There is no doubt that this improved people's lives in many ways and this would not have been possible without improved machinery. Although the technology brings a lot of significant enhancements to humans lives ,it is also resulting enormous undesirable effects. Firstly,many elderly people in developing countries are illiterate using computers and advanced cell phones and lots of their day to day activity requires these skills.While on the other hand,young people are more and more aware of this usage. To conclude, even the technological progress shifts the human's circumstance to a better condition, its side effects also need to be considering more seriously .I somehow believe that the education to use the new technological devices for the elderly should be long time goal for each of us.
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