The use of recreational drugs is on the increase, especially among young people. Describe the reasons for this worrying issue and provide suggestions to minimize it.

The trend of drugs consumption has been spiking among the younger generation. This is not only dangerous to society, but personally debilitating to them. Although there are several factors triggering the spike, certain measures help us to mitigate them. This essay will analyse the reasons behind the increase in drug-usage and necessary steps to flatten the curve. Firstly, access to the substance has become easier in the surroundings though earlier, this was not the case. Secondly, isolation from the family makes the younger generation gets addicted to the substance. They choose this as it makes them physically sedated and relaxed, they do not need to suffer the loneliness. However, by the time they realize, it is out of control to get rid of it. For instance, the study of the Narcotic Control Board shows that 60% of drug-addicts are homeless people with various reasons. Hence, it is proved that there is a direct impact on the family and home on a person to get attracted to these dangerous chemicals. However, the government should increase the vigilance to control the drug dealers and thereby the accessibility. More frequent checks at the border states can help regulate the issue. Furthermore, rehabilitation centres should be increased with trained personnel, which assists a prompt recovery. Besides this, it is parents' responsibility to look after their offspring. For example, constant support and friendly atmosphere at home can increase a strong bond between the family members, which is an ultimate solution to not to allow any diversions. To summarize, it is evident that there are numerous reasons that cause people to attract towards these dangerous chemicals. However, strict regulatory measures and constant family support can help transform into a healthy society.
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