Some people believe that children should spend all of their free time with their families. Others believe that this is unnecessary or even negative. Discuss the possible arguments on both sides, and say which side you personally support.

Some people think that parents must combine their children with during spare time, whereas other says that will have a detrimental effect on them. The essay will discuss both debates and give a concluding point of view. On one hand, was the children consume their free hours with their parents, it would enhance their emotions. One approach would be to build a strong bond between children and family not only have a healthy relationship, but also a balance in their feelings. Equally, consuming the activity period with family, which allow the good pattern of behaviours and conventions to be absorbed by their children, due to the fact that they have their father and mother as a role model. For example, a lot of ionic families describe the period spent with their children as quality time because it is crucial in bringing them up. On the contrary, were parents become the only friends of their children, they would run the risk of social difficulties. Even though the hours that had been shared with children induce considerable skills, the children were converted to introverted persons unintentionally, as well as a weakness in their self-confidence. admittedly, those children made susceptible to cultural shock and peer pressure, such as bullying at school, for this reason, independence and irresponsibility had suffered. For instance, they are reliant on their raiser to structure any rapport with a friend. on the other hand, many families are unable to be the supervisor of their children for 24 hours, particularly the dual-income families, which means that child-minding and after school childcare are necessary because it is inevitably parents cannot spend all of their days with their youngster, so if managed properly, these can be a perfectly viable alternative. In conclusion, in my opinion, as the parents join their children's all day it will have a negative impact on them. Resulting in unsocial children, loos to trust their-selves, and dependent on their them.Conversely, children's sensibility had improved by spending duration with their parents, had followed by their parent steps, and the good conduct was brought up.
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