At the present time, the population of some countries include relative large numbers of young adults compared with the number of older people Do the advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages? Give the reasons for your answer and include any relative examples from your own knowledge or experiences.

In the contemporary era, the numbers of young population in some part of the world are outweighed in comparison to elder people. These can be advantageous or disadvantageous, but in my opinion, this is a positive outcome, which outnumbers the demerits. The following paragraphs will elucidate the benefits of this majority's population. First of all, while old ages can be an asset for a country, but they could not participate in the growth of the country. It cannot be denied that senior citizens have experienced and knowledge, which are the fundamental requirements of the countries' development. However, most of the older public is retired or they are close to their retirement age. For example- the ages of 50-60 years old masses would have less tax pay duration compared to the adults' group 20-40. Moreover, the retirement period would also be closer than young adults interval. Thus, the majority of teens would be more supportive in the pace of the nation's prosperity. Secondly, the government's medical expenses also depend on the inhabitants' stage of age. If the citizens of countries are mostly old, then the medical authorities have to bear more bills of medicine and cure than the countries that have less old population. For instance- Canada is paying a huge amount of money for caring the old patients compared to India, which has fewer numbers of patients due to the youth majority. As a result, the youth dominated nations are enjoying a healthy environment and better life-style. In conclusion, according to my point of view, the healthy side of these numbers are excessive, whereas some are harmful effects, in terms of the youth contribution to the exponential growth of the countries and maintaining a healthy system.
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