Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people with a better education. Do you agree or disagree.

Despite prison sentences is the popular method in most nations to combat criminal issues, a considerable number of people think that the improvement of information is more effective to solve this problem. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this view, because I believe that both ways have their own characteristic benefits and should play a vital role in reducing misdeed. On the one hand, I would assert that prison is effective in dealing with criminals. The first reason is that an individual who commits the offence must learn that illegal actions have consequences. For example, murderers and rapists must be sentenced to a plethora of years in jail because of their behaviours. This means that they need to know that they will face a loss of liberty, social isolation and disconnection from their families and friends if they carry out such wrongdoing. Another reason is that when heinous offenders are behind bars, they no longer a peril to the community and residents can walk in the streets or unwind in their private house more safety. On the other hand, I consider that education also plays a complementary role to reduce the felony level. Firstly, youngsters should be taught about features of the law which influence on their lives. Having a wide range of knowledge about legislation, those youngsters are finer prepared to keep away from situations which may involve them in offence or becoming a victim. For example, students must learn the essential laws about driving or road safety. Secondly, behind prison-bars, education programmes must aim to provide prisoners with skills and qualifications to find work and reintegrate back into society when they are released. In conclusion, I believe that prison sentences are one crucial weapon in the fight against crime, and I disagree that providing better education sole is a more effective solution to decrease the crime rate.
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