Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

Sleeping well at night has become a need that everyone is seeking for a remedy that helps them to achieve this goal. Lack of sleep has been considered a common problem in this era, which imposes negative impact on the peoples' daily life. This essay will discuss the reasons behind this issue as well as proposes effective solutions toward that problem. One of the major reasons of having sleeping difficulties is that people are becoming more addicted toward the use of their mobile phones , which can prevent them from sleeping properly at night due to the array of mobiles' screens that affect negatively their minds and eyes as well. Although they feel sleepy and exhausted , they still insist on using their phones until their time of sleeping is passed. Another reason for this issue , people have increasingly become accustomed to the sedentary lifestyle as they become less active and more prone to eat unhealthy food. As result , it might suppress their bodies and minds from turning into a sleep mode. According to a study that made by Harvard University, 79 % of college students are not able to go for sleeping while 19% of them are sleeping better at night because they exercise three times per week. Hence , these two causes are the primary reasons for this dilemma. The Optimal solution for this issue is to change the habits that have a negative impact on sleeping. Individuals should admit that the first stage to gain enough sleeping at night is by stopping the use of their mobile phones one hour before their bedtime. Even though is often difficult to get separated from their mobile phone, it can be replaced with reading a book to overcome this wrongful habit. Also, involving workout gradually as well as balanced diet to their system would help them to enjoy a peaceful night. There is a lot of studies has approved that sports and healthy foods are major factors for protecting humans from sleeping obstacles. Therefore , the individual has the key to solve this problem by adjusting their lifestyle. To sum up , the majority of people are suffering from not getting adequate sleep at night. The excessive use of their mobile phones before bedtime and their inactive lifestyle are the main cause of sleeping issues. However , this can be solved readily by altering the way they are living their lives.
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