Some people think that the detailed criminal description on newspapers and TV programs has bad consequence, so this kind of information should be restricted on media. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people insist on the view that censorship should ban this news as avoiding instability in the community. As regards to, I tend to disagree with this contention and will justify my reasons below. Publishing the details of a lawlessness in the media will indeed bring many problems: 1. Potential criminals may imitate the details. That is why many reports, in order to attract the attention of the audience, will report all kinds of case details, such as the background of the evil, the process of the atrocity, the result of the wrongdoing, and the people, material, and money involved. Those who have ideas may have anti reconnaissance awareness and learn how to avoid the pursuit of the police, leading to the emergence of offence. Besides, media reports will further harm the victims. To attract attention, the media may exaggerate the degree of violation and injury, and even fabricate some false details. People may criticize this, which will bring another kind of harm to the victims. Therefore, the sin reports in the media need to be limited to reduce the impact on the audience, the victims, and even the criminals themselves. I think the report should pay attention to the following two points: first of all, don't exaggerate the criminal's personal information, such as region, education, or readers may generalize the personal situation into a common phenomenon. For example, readers think that the violation rate of people in a certain area is high. Also, do not exaggerate and exaggerate the psychological and physical injury of the victim. Otherwise, the media audience, especially teenagers, will feel uneasy and even fear.
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