More and more tasks that we do at home or work has been done by robots. Is it a positive or negative development?

With the advances in science and technology, more and more inventions have come into our life and production, among which robots might be the most debatable one. Some people worry that robots may destroy society, while others think they are good for our life and task. As we know, robots may create some problems. For example, the use of robots in many workplaces such as construction sites and restaurants has made many people out of the ask. Furthermore, as is shown in many science fictions, many people are worried that the time will arrive sooner or later when robots make independent decisions and act on their own, and as a result, harm or even conquer the human world. For all these real or potential problems, robots can provide us with so many benefits to our life and vocation that we think they are truly useful. As robots can keep working for long hours and will not feel tired, they help to save a lot of our time which we can put to more enjoyable or creative activities. Robots can achieve high efficiency and quality since they seldom make mistakes in their job. Furthermore, robots can hold down a job in situations that are considered to be impossibly dangerous for humans, such as cleaning up radioactive waste, so they can reduce safety hazards in workplaces. In my opinion, things like robots attacking humans are possible only in science fiction and movies. We do not really have to worry about this kind of danger. What we have to admit is that robots do bring a lot of benefits by relieving us of various daily house chores and performing the most difficult and dangerous tasks for us. I believe robots can absolutely make the human world a better place to live in.
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