Cyclists and car drivers sharing the same roads causes some problems. What are the problems and what can be done to reduce them?

It is true that when motorists and cyclists share the same roads, accidents involving these road users are common. While this is a serious problem, there are a host of measures that could be implemented to mitigate the dangers. The major problem is the likelihood of accidents on roads which are used by both cyclists and car drivers. Such accidents frequently result in serious injuries, particularly to cyclists who are especially vulnerable, even when wearing a helmet for head protection. While cyclists are usually responsible for causing accidents when they do not abide by the rules of the road, motorists often fail to be aware of other road users. For example, car drivers may not leave enough room when they overtake cyclists, or they may turn left or right without turning signal lights could put a cyclist at risk. Since cars frequently travel at high speeds, cyclists have little chance to react in such situations. In order to reduce the number of road incidents and save lives, there are several solutions that national and local authorities across the world should implement. Firstly, governments should prioritize expenditure on road safety by investing in transportation infrastructure. For instance, they should make a separate cycle lane for cyclists and providing better public transport to encourage people to travel by bus or train instead of a private car. Secondly, authorities should impose some traffic restrictions on car drivers. Ho Chi Minh city, for example, has imposed a congestion charge to discourage motorists from entering the city centre during rush hours. Speed bumps and speed cameras are also needed to be installed to calm down the traffic and make the road safer for bicycle riders. In conclusion, although there are serious dangers when car drivers and cyclists share the same roads, various steps could be taken to reduce these risks.
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