Some people say that the bicycles are a good, modern means of transportation. Other say riding a bicycle has clear disadvantages. Discuss both viewpoints and give your own opinion.

Nowadays , bicycles are a convenient mode of transportation to get the destination we want. Some individuals presume that mean of transportation is much more popular and available , whereas others allege that bike has lots of drawbacks. In my opinion, there are lots of disadvantages as well as disadvantages. In this essay,we will discuss both points of view. To begin with , riding a bicycle gives a lot of benefits. One of this benefit is that this mean of transportation is absolutely environmental-friendly. By that I mean, It doesn't cause any toxic gases and chemicals as other public and private transportations produce. Moreover, when people use this kind of transport , it can probably diminish traffic jams and there will be no traffic congestions on the roads.For example, almost 90 per cent of the population of Netherland got used to using bicycles instead of cars , so there is no problem with stagnation at rush hours as other countries have. Talking about the negative aspects of using a bicycle, some group of people consider that it is uncomfortable in terms of using physical labour in order to ride. Also, it can be hard to hold your body on the seat while u control driving. Even though people can easily manage their movements for a long time , that can lead to pain in the back and your legs might be suffered as well.That's the reasons why some people think that usage of bikes can be not beneficial in some ways. To conclude, it can be said that the advantages overweight the disadvantages. To my mind , using the bike is greater for your health and less harmful to the environment. That's the reason why people can use bikes instead of cars.
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