Society is based on rules and laws. It could not function if individuals were free to do whatever they wanted to do. To what extent do you agree or not?

Any country has its own rules and laws that all citizens must comply. Some people argue that regulations may be against individual freedom, yet I opine that legislation is crucial to ensure social safety. To begin with, rules and laws are built based on agreements that people in a society mostly agree on. For example, people are not allowed to cross a red light, otherwise, car crashes and traffic congestion could be foreseen. This typical rule creates a community standard that helps to maintain the stability of the whole society. They by no means contradict human rights. Rules and laws help to ensure that people freely act and behave within a common standard. On the other hand, if there were no limits to human freedom and everyone just acted in the way they wanted, society would be chaotic or malfunctioned. People would have different judgments about legal actions and misdeeds. There would be no way to resolve conflicts as there were not either a social standard to be based on or deterrent measures for misdoings. For example, if someone killed some else, it would be unjust if the murder is not at least incarcerated. It could be sometimes argued that some rules are no longer necessary or effective. However, rules are created by humans and they are frequently reviewed and revised to match what is happening legally. Citizens have the right to raise their voice whenever they find any regulation that needs modifications. Legislations not only ensure citizens' legal rights, but they act as a means of human rights promotion. In short, to live safely and function well in society, rules and laws are a must. They are created for social security, not go against individual liberty. People can freely act as they want but within the existing legal frameworks.
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