The most important consideration when choosing any career or job is having a high income. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

An important issue today is regarding whether it is better to pursue a career based on the salary or personal feelings towards it. A commonly held belief is that money is the most significant aspect of having a job. However, there are people who prefer to choose their occupation because it gives them some sort of mission. In this essay, I am going to elaborate on the topic and show my disapproval. To begin with, high income is not a reason to love your employment. Even though an individual can earn a living, this delights only his physiological needs. For example, a person who receives a lot of money can take care of his family . Nevertheless, if he doesn't enjoy his career, he will eventually find it difficult to spend more time with his family and can even start suffering from depression. Therefore, salary may provide you with shelter but it is not sufficient for you to experience the excitement of having a job. On the other hand, selecting an occupation because of the contentment it gives you is certainly a better option. A recently conducted research shows that employees who have chosen a career which they have admired in their childhood are far more likely to succeed, due to the patience and the motivation they have. For instance, an individual who has wanted throughout their whole life to become doctors have the motivation to overcome any obstacles, including people who pursue the career only due to the income .Consequently, those who pick a career based on the purpose are sure to succeed. To conclude, I firmly believe that employees who pursue only financial benefits cannot thrive because they do not have enough motivation.Nonetheless, there are some people who select an occupation due to the mission, contentment and inspiration and they are what the future needs .
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