Some people think that cities are the best places to live. Others prefer to live in a rural area. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city to living in the countryside.

With growing needs,more people are now living in cities.Few people consider cities as the best place to live whereas there are some people who believe the countryside is better.This essay will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city with a conclusion at the end. On the one hand,city life provides a better standard of living as compared to life in villages.As cities provide better employment opportunities ,people are paid higher which improves their living standard and becomes easy for them to fulfil all their desires.For instance,one of my friends who went to London last year for his work has now bought his own car and house.Moreover,most of the prestigious educational institutions and industries are located in cities which compels attracts a lot of students. On the other hand,the growing industrial and vehicular activities have increased the pollution level in cities.Cars and industries release toxic gases which affect the health of people, making them move to rural areas in search of fresh air.To illustrate this,a recent report from Hindustan Times states that the Shahdara oil Refinery releases harmful pollutants in the air which is causing severe breathing problems in the people of Delhi.In addition,the building of major industries,constructions roads, etc. is decreasing the space available for people to live freely.More people are living in small houses leading to several health disorders. To conclude,life in a city has both advantages as well as disadvantages.High quality of living and better facilities in terms of education ,medicine etc. make cities a better place to live whereas the increasing pollution level is gradually making people aware of its consequences.Thus,rural areas will seem to be more occupied in future.
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