Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people with a better education. Do you agree or disagree?

Imprisonment is the prevalent solution in most nations to combat crime issues.
has provoked controversy. Some argue that raising public awareness could be a more effective approach,
, I disagree with them, believing combining both methods would be thriving in reducing crime rate due to the following reasons. The
reason is that illegal actions should have consequences. Society must realize that carrying out heinous crimes
as murderer or rape leads to a lifetime prison sentence meaning becoming apart from ordinary life and beloved ones.
could be a great deterrent reducing wrongdoings.
isolating serious offenders from others would guarantee public safety. Families could walk along the street without any worries of offences and becoming victims. Education could be another complementary approach to reducing the felony rate. In Fact, plenty of evidence indicates that many criminals have lack of schooling,
, including features of laws
as driving offences in school's curriculums could spread knowledge among youngsters preventing them to cross the line.
, Education programs behind bars could
contribute to stop crimes from happening again. When ex-criminals are released from jail with the skills they have gained they could find a suitable job and remain crime-free. In conclusion, education and prison punishment equip together they could be a strong weapon to fight against crime waves and education insole is not strong enough.
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