Nowadays, many people use the Internet to get medical advice instead of going to see a doctor. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

An important parcel of society is now using technology to find out answers for their medical problems.
is happening partially because of the trend of searching for answers about everything on the
as well as the difficulty in finding affordable options for healthcare in some countries. In my opinion,
is a bad development since the
can not take into consideration the implicit
conditions of patients. Since technology has shortened the path to many answers, people are now even using it to check their medical issues. Even if the questions are about diseases or symptoms, more and more articles are now available for everyone.
, it is just to type your symptoms on Google and you will find a probable diagnosis.
In addition
, many people go
on the
because healthcare is inaccessible in some countries due to the high cost to just see a doctor.
For instance
, the United States of America has a private based
system, which means all Americans need to pay to have medical assistance.
As a result
, a great part of the population is not being able to afford to see a doctor or treat their
problems. Medical diagnosis directly coming from the
can lead people to think their
problems are far more serious than they really are. If people
for “headache or migraine reasons” on Google, there will be results regarding brain cancer or aneurism, which are very bad and may put people far more concerned than they should really be.
happens because the
mechanisms are not prepared to see the other factors that cause symptoms to individuals. A patient who is searching for “headache reasons” can have an implicit
condition like dehydration to be the main reason,
for example
. To conclude, the high costs of healthcare in some countries are forcing people to find alternative methods to treat their symptoms. Searching on the
is a trend and helps them to encounter medical advice.
, I believe that the use of the
for medical advice is a negative development because online
tools do not see the whole picture of patients.
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