Many things that used to be done in the home by hands are now being done by machines. Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages?

Several tasks that used to be accomplished manually at the house are now being performed by machinery . The aforementioned growth's merits outnumber its demerits. Both advantages and disadvantages of the above development will be discussed in the essay below.
To begin
with, many household works that were done by hands previously are now taken care of by the automated machines which certainly have several benefits. Since these technologically powered systems have timers so, they help in accomplishing tasks in a stipulated amount of time aiding humans to use the saved hours or minutes in other necessary workloads.
, these automation run on instructions either on their digital panels or on commands given by the operators enabling human beings to flexibly achieve the needed in line with their requirements and
optimizing the resources.
For example
, my mother instructs her artificially intelligent washing-machine to squeeze water out of the clothes along with the collection of the drained water in a container and later makes our house's robotic assistant sweep the floors using it.
, as various activities at home are worked out by
intelligent machinery cutting all the manual interventions, it brings some drawbacks to people as they are turning lethargic and unwilling to even saunter for their simple tasks
as bringing themselves water to drink, cleaning their workplace and much more. Due to
lazy attitude and restricted body movements, they are welcoming several diseases to their life,
, making it troublesome.
For instance
, one acquaintance of mine lives in a smart home and merely gets up to even switch on the lights of his room,
as a result
of which he has grown very passive and is seen continuously complaining about his backache. In a nutshell, various household activities that required manual effort previously have now been taken over by machines which
, is assisting the humankind in a profound way by making their lives simpler,
in addition
to it, helping them save their precious time.
,the above development is disadvantageous as well to the health of the individuals as they are growing inactive and becoming diseased because of it.
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