Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree?

Numerous characters deem an affluent person should aid other poor, which is an essential part of being a wealthy person;
in contrast
, certain groups of
oppose and affirm other unfortunate
do not matter to a successful man, so the rich one is not obliged to help a moneyless one. I reckon prosperous
in business must support an ordinary man and give a new chance to change his life.
of all, it is an inevitable fact that a wealthy man got enriched, as many citizens did not labour as he did. Based on these idle
, few successful
get born, meaning without these irresponsible
, rich
will not exist in the world.
For example
, if we realize wealthy
' biography, they encountered many obstacles in their childhoods, but they surpassed these issues by their efforts.
, it logical to aid those lazy sitters.
, if the excelled
will not grant any money a low salary group, they will detest the affluent businessmen. After a few moments, they might kill those
regarded as 1 per cent of the public.
For instance
, in Korea, aristocrats were abhorred, as they squandered the public's money for fun, so average and poor inhabitants shot them to their death.
it is an undeniable fact that prosperous bosses and executives of corporations suffer later unless they support their employees' life. In conclusion, from the ideas and examples given, I firmly believe that elite workers should aid a low-salary group by money and other types of supports.
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