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Affluent individuals have a responsibility to help the destitute by donating money, which is an essential part of a wealthy person. It is justifiable to say that the poor people would get a helping hand from the rich. I, holistically, agree with the statement, because if the elites do not donate the impoverishment, who would come forward to aid them.
It is debatable whether individual people have any specific role in betterment of the environment, alongside with the large scale contributions from government and corporates. Some poeple say that a citizen alone cannot make a difference in entire ecology system where others opine that it is a combined effort from individuals, organizations, and government. This essay disagrees with the given statement by focusing on options how individuals can make a positive change in environment.
Being rich in the society is not only the pride thing but it also opens the door to help others. Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is; it gives them a chance to help people who are in need. This essay will argue why money is moderately necessary to support in a large scale.
It is said that the most important thing about being wealthy is that it allows people to help others. Although having a great deal of money does give the rich a chance to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, I believe that it is not their responsibility.
How powerful money is in the 21st century! Being wealthy in modern life is definitely what humans beings are looking for. There are plenty of things can be done by using cash such as make a payment, buy some stuff, or do charity. However, sometimes money is not a solution to help people. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement and do believe that life still has another thing more valuable which known as love.
To some persons, wealth is most essential because it gives one the chance to help others. However, because of the unappreciative nature of most individuals, I disagree with this opinion. I believe that the primary use of wealth should be for one's responsibilities.
Wealth is a blessing that everyone desires to have. A number of individuals are of the opinion that the primary significance of it is the ability to be charitable. I completely disagree with this view as not all wealthy people like to share their finances, they will rather take care of their needs which is of more importance to them.
Some people argue that most essential thing about being rich is it provides a person the chance to aid other people. However, I am agree with this notion due to some reasons below.
Having the opportunity to give assistance to people is thought to be the most significant purpose of the wealthy people. In my opinion, I agree that gaining this opportunity is important as it can improve the society and individuals’ lives.
Richness is the thing that gives comfortness and luxury in life. It is the situation of sufficient resources available for all needs. If all personal needs are fullfilled, people will start to think about social donation and help. Therefore, i fully agree that being rich provide opportunity to human to help other.
It is often argued by some, that we are allowed to enjoy watching movies through electronic gadgets like phones and laptops, while others opine that , it is not necessary to watch films I’m theatres as it is available to enjoy at home.However, in my opinion, going to theatre is much entertainment than at home.
Our society is divided into the riches and the poor ones. Some people believe that being rich, brings you the privilege to support others in the society. I agree with the statement and this essay will further explain it with examples.
It is believed by some people that the most crucial matter about being wealthy is being able to help the others. This essay will argue that having a lot of money can be a great thing only if it is possessed by helpful people. Moreover, being rich and helpful could benefit not only humans but also humanity in general. In my opinion, while being a fortunate person can do a lot to help the poor, it can also serve the entire country.
It is now thought that the crucial thing about being well-of is in terms of a chance to help the needy. In my opinion, I believe that there are a lot of ways of helping the poor, and financial aid is not the best form of support.
In today’s worlds, everyone wants to be rich enough, and they have their own perception of being rich. Some people believe that being rich person should capable to help other people. I fully agree with this statement and this essay will argue why for rich people, helping others is the most essential thing rather than showing status and getting recognition
An increasing number of wealthy people are nowadays more willing to support the needy people around the world. Even though Helping others is not depend on having huge money, I strongly believe that it has created an enormous chance to assist the people in many ways. Therefore, this essay will discuss how the people who have a lot money, could get an opportunity to help others.
Few persons believe that the most precious thing about being rich is that a person gets chance to support another person who has a need. The sentence should be explained properly. I would agree on the given statement.
It’s thought by some that one of the greatest things and opportunities that money and richnesses can provide people, it’s the chance they have to help others, specially the needed ones. In my opinion, however, I don’t agree this is the best aspect about being rich and I think a lot of money is no needed in order to help people.
ality it is widely believed that house chores should be shared between men and women equally. I strongly agree with this statement.
It is often argued by some masses that, the richness, as the most prominent aspect, allows an individual to assist someone in hard times. I, however, disagree with the given notion, since there are numerous ways of helping the underprivileged people, and monetary aid is certainly not the best forms of aid.
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