Some people think that books are losing importance as a source of information and entertainment. To what extent do you agree?

It is believed by certain individuals that books are not able to reserve an important place as a key medium of entertaining and informing. I completely agree with the aforementioned statement. The reasons behind the above endorsement will be discussed in the essay below with relevant examples.
To begin
with, the importance of books as a chief way of providing knowledge and enjoyment is lost because of the availability of huge content online. Since there are several websites which are equipped with ebooks containing material found in these paperbacks, people find it quite easy to read them in place of reading and carrying the hard copies in their hands.
For example
, these days, many individuals while commuting to their workplace read novels on the internet.
, the variety of the genres of content present online is boundless ranging from general knowledge, fiction to comics catering a wide choice to people depending on their requirement to entertain themselves, learn new facts or get lost in an imaginary world.
In addition
to the above, books no longer enjoy an important place as a source to inform, aware and entertain people due to the introduction of more innovative ways of reading. Because of the presence of Kindle ebooks, the experience of readers has enhanced and they find them very soothing to their eyes. The audiobooks available on websites and on various hybrid applications have
stolen a great market. Now, human beings prefer to listen
of reading material as it helps them accomplish more tasks at the same time. In
time when the humans are tightly packed with their schedules,
facilitation helps a lot.
For instance
, according to a statistical survey, many females in the morning listen to audiobooks while cooking. In a nutshell, it is felt by me and a few individuals that the importance of paperbacks is lost as a medium of knowledge transfer and as enjoyment because the internet is serving humans with ebooks of several disciplines on a single platform, expanding their choice and enabling them a good read.
, due to the availability of different ways
as Kindle and audiobooks, human beings are opting out paperbacks to imbibe easier options to learn.

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