Art classes such as painting or drawing are important for children s development so it should be compulsory in high school.Do you agree or disagree

There is a common impression that teaching subjects like painting and drawing are significant for children's development.
they should be made mandatory in high school.
essay will provide reasons and explanations to answer the question of why I fully agree with
statement ?
, there is scientific proof that a child's brain can develop by logical reasoning as well as emotional thinking and art classes can help
to think emotionally.
, Including classes of art in the syllabus of high school education can help
relieve stress.
For example
face immense academic pressure while solving complex problems in mathematics and physics every day.
, by having a class on arts can help them to relax their minds for an hour as it is not related to science. So,
in addition
, to developing their brains emotionally, an art class can help youngsters to relieve their minds from the mental effort to remember every scientific formula they study every day.
, Teaching painting and drawing to pupils every day can help them understand if they have a natural trait to excel in arts.
, it can provide an alternative career path for those pupils.
For instance
, when children fail repeatedly in mainstream subjects like chemistry, biology or mathematics, they tend to lose self-confidence and if they excel in subjects like painting and drawing
there is a scope for them to regain their lost confidence.
can possess a choice to explore a career in arts when
classes are made compulsory in the syllabus of their higher education. To conclude, there is an idea that teaching painting and drawing are important in the development of children. So, they should be made compulsory in the syllabus of high school education and I fully agree with
idea based on the reasons and examples provided.

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