Communication through text messaging and other instant forms of online communication are short and basic. Some people think this will be death of grammar and spelling. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Social apps and SMS are enormously being used to interact with each other nowadays. People usually type small sentences and words on these apps, which makes others assume that
is gradually killing language rules. I do not support their stance as
is only happening in a few circumstances.
, a language can not perish if some individuals incorrectly type it to communicate with others via messages. They purposely do it to save their time and convey their message simultaneously, and by no means are intended to disrespect a terminology. Some native English speakers,
for instance
, have learned their mother tongue and have been accustomed to speaking it since their childhood and simply by writing it without using an auxiliary verb or leaving a silent letter from a certain word can not make them forget the grammars or spellings,
as typing the word 'often' like 'open', because they need to speak and write their tongue for formal uses.
, typing a short message can not damage the dialect itself as it is just an individual act.
, not everyone prefers to communicate by ignoring the syntax. Some people choose to use call options over messages and even if they text someone, they type complete sentences. To illustrate
, some businessmen are too busy to send a text message and would give a phone call
to receive a prompt reply.
, his jargon will be saved from any harm.
, a teacher would always regard a speech policy even in a short text and would expect the same in return.
, his services would always favour his mother tongue
. To conclude, e-messages are done by some people in a short and quick way in which grammars and spellings are sometimes neglected, and some persons opine that
can harm the language itself. I,
, suppose their stance, because a person who speaks a jargon every day can never forget it even if it is used in little phrases for the reason of time-saving and because not everyone does
act. Spellings and grammars of any particular dialect are pre-set rules and can no be spoiled by its users I believe.

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