Some people think that new technology is improving the lives of workers, other say it has more disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some individuals opine that current technologies are enhancing the lives of workers, while others believe that
has more demerits.
essay discusses the pros of latest technology which reduces manual labour in industries and provides job opportunities related to it , including the negative trend in it. I firmly believe that it has more advantages than disadvantages. The most predominant merit of using computerization in any organisation is that it produces many employment opportunities for students who are studying computerization and programming-related subjects.
, the manual labour in any manufacturing industry get alleviated and
the cost incurred on the human resources get reduced.
For instance
, many automobile industries had introduced the use of Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing the car parts and they
use robots to assemble them.
, the use of coding and programming languages which are essential in Artificial Intelligence can be learned at any age, which can be taught in high schools and the future generation would we ready to carry out their job at a younger age.
On the other hand
, the major disadvantage of using automation is that workers become physically weak and they would become totally dependant on the robots to carry out manufacturing processes.
For example
, if there is a power outage in any industry
the work would stop and the company would suffer financial losses in
situations. In conclusion, there are several advantages of using the latest technology which not only improves the worker's life but
generates more jobs for unemployed people and disadvantage like overdependence on machinery to carry out the manufacturing work.
, in my opinion,the merits overshadow
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