Some museums and art galleries charge admission fees, while others have free entry. Do you think the advantages of charging for admission outweigh the disadvantages?

Numerous characters deem the population pays money to visit the museum, which is righteous and reasonable;
in contrast
, certain groups of people oppose and affirm the idea that no tax is appropriate for the public. In
essay, I will examine,
, the merit of the free service, and
the possible negative aspect of
phenomenon, followed by a reasoned conclusion. On the one hand, the population gets informed about their culture and tradition, so the government made a law about everyone can watch the museum without a tax. Knowing the history of their own nation becomes strong immune system against foreign cultures;
, the population appreciates free services provided by a nation.
For example
, Mongolian youngsters admire foreign tradition and try to imitate it, so the Mongolian administration legislated all museums are free to explore, meaning
decision will prevent young people from forgetting about history.
occasion is profitable.
On the other hand
legislation, indeed, gets followed by some drawbacks; one of these is some people tend to steal ancient groceries and antiques. It is estimated that about 30 per cent of my nation's citizens are poor, so many steal to make a living.
For instance
, many incidences relating to thieving occurred in the
few months.
, carpers continuously criticise
trend. In conclusion, from the arguments and examples given, I firmly believe
there are shortcomings, the virtues of exploring the museum and learning the history are immeasurable, as they protect mentally us from strong foreign countries
as Korea, Japan, and the USA.

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